AKS Presents Footprints (2016-2017)


This year's theme throws light on the various milestones set by our students and serves as an inspiration for the others to follow.


About Us

MHSSCOE-ACM chapter was established in 2014 with the support of our professors and students. The first year with ACM has been an adventurous journey for the students, as they got to know about the various platforms provided by ACM. Thus we are always striving to give the best workshops to our students. MHSSCOE-ACM gives the undergraduates a platform to work on their strengths and improve their weaknesses. MHSSCOE-ACM is officially composed of 154 original members. All the members actively participate in the various technical and social events conducted by the chapter, through which they receive the first-hand experiences. Last year the chapter conducted various seminars, workshops and competition. Our Social Services group diligently worked on important socially challenged sectors- slums and orphans.

Latest Events